There’s a world in which a Laico’s sits next to a Red Lobster at a mall in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Thankfully we don’t live in that world.

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Law and Order: Food Crimes. I talk about a trip to the suburbs, take a quick detour to speak about Arnold Schwarzenegger, and talk about one of the worst meals I’ve had in Jersey City.

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Wonder Bagels

I use maps, with little effort and creativity, to talk about Jersey City’s bagel deficit; Why Grind Shop is good; Patrick Ewing makes an appearance.

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My lack of appreciation for Bob Dylan; bitching about getting older, and how all work and no play made Dullboy a dull bar.

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Square Pizza and Miller High Life, the first of many examinations of neighborhood bars, and a totally not-arbitrary ratings system.

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Hooked JC

Bergen-Lafayette is one of the hottest hoods in JC and Hooked, one of its many new restaurants, can tell us more about the neighborhood than it can about itself.

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