COVID: JC Restaurant Edition


UPDATED 4/6/20

Well, this sucks.  I’m a big fan of daydreaming about the end of the world – the asteroid strike a la Melancholia is my favorite. This is usually a coping mechanism for the minor inconveniences in life that I should be adequately equipped to deal with at this age,  like cleaning the bathroom or putting on pants. Thankfully, we’re probably not going to see the end of the world through this pandemic. That doesn’t mean that some people’s lives and livelihoods aren’t at risk.  

We are all born with our own personal stories’ final chapter written for us –   we will die, we will be remembered, then we will be forgotten. While we are here, we are tasked by god, social contract, or your favorite rose quartz to do as much good as possible.  When we see suffering, we should try to ease it. We should all be thankful that we live in such a wild time that what’s currently being asked of us is to order take out, buy some gift cards and donate some of the cheapest medical supplies to those who need it.  To help ease others suffering, we are being asked to do literally the lowest lift ask you can think of.

So, I’m trying to make that ask a little lower by compiling a list of places that are still conducting business and need your help to stay afloat. I’m sure there is more that I’m leaving off, so if you have something please let me know. Everyone on this list needs your help, but here are some random thoughts to consider before helping, which you can totally take or leave.

  • Whenever possible, try and order directly from the source and not use something like GrubHub or Seamless.  Sometimes this means picking up your food. Do what your most comfortable with, but GrubHub/UberEats takes money off the top thats going back to Silicon Valley and not into the pockets of your chosen establishment
  • Probably a good time to over tip your delivery driver, or whoever is giving you your meals.  Tipped staff are in a precarious position right now.
  • Some of these places have the backing of large groups behind them, some are small mom and pop shops. Your money, your choice, but I’m going to try and give to the smaller spots.  
  • You don’t have to eat out every night, but try and keep up with what you did before COVID.  
  • Buy a gift card if you can.  A lot of great deals right now that will help business right now, and in the future.
  • Donate to a restaurant GoFundMe, if you can.  These go to the employees, and honestly a couple hundred bucks could make a big difference to someone right now.
  • Share resources on social media.  There’s a lot out there, so whenever you see a job or an opportunity just share it with everyone.  

Ok.  Building off that last bullet, there’s a lot of info out there and a lot of resources, but not one centralized place where everything lives.  If you have something to add to this list just shoot me an email or DM me on IG. If you see anything inaccurate, let me know and I’ll change it.

Corto – Food for contactless pick up and now DELIVERY. Fresh pasta and sauces for pick up. Some merch and specialty items.  Gift cards available. 201.499.0358 **UPDATED 4/6**

Low-Fi – Food for pick up and limited delivery to the Heights and Heights-ish areas.  Food deals and booze deals. Staff GoFundMe 201-795-3600 **UPDATED 4/3**

Departed Soles – Curbside pickup and beer delivery. Full store with merch, as well as gift cards for multiple restaurants.

Whealth Kitchen – Meal kits and meal plans, all for delivery.  Feeding the fucking needy, giving shit away.

Pet Shop –  Closed, but offering gift cards.

Wurstbar – Daily specials, batched cocktails, bottles of booze and food for pickup.  Delivery available. (201) 479-8396

Riverview Wines – Beer, wine, spirits. Curbside pickup, delivery til 5PM.  Order at

Cool Vines – Beer, wine, spirits. Online ordering, delivery, same day if ordered before 4PM

White Star Bar – Delivery and pick up. Food and booze (pick up only). Gift cards and merch available. 50% of all gift cards go to tipped employees.  GoFundMe for staff.  This is for Brunswick, not sure about Warren.

Corkscrew Bar – Bottles of booze, beer, wine, and food for delivery. Gift card deals and GoFundMe for staff. (201) 239-0087

Harry’s Daughter – Food deals, booze, and gift cards. Pick up and delivery. CALL: (201)-433-2471. EMAIL: Or DM. GoFundMe for employees.  UPDATED 3/25**

Pinwheel Garden – Pick up, local delivery within a 5-block radius. Orders outside of the delivery zone may be taken depending on the size of the order and other circumstances. Cook-at-home Family Meal Kits and Bulk Frozen Dinners will be available within the week. Call us at (201) 413-5333 to place an order.

Grind Shop – Coffee and beans to go. Merch available.  201-547-8377

O’Leary’s Publik House – Food and beer specials for pick up and delivery. 201-435-7269

Lightrail Cafe – Food and cocktails to go, discounts on pick-up orders. (201) 434-9900

New Park Tavern – Food, burgers, beer, and booze all for pick up and delivery.  (201) 434-9253

Ani Ramen – Closed, but a pretty fucking substantial gift card deal.  They will match your gift card. 

Miso Ramen – Closed until further notice.  **UPDATED 3.30** Thanks, @brewlately

Cellar 335 – Now delivering booze.  100% of proceeds go to staff.  Obscure booze offerings, fucking insane tiki/gift card deal.  **UPDATED 4/3**

Broa – Pickup and delivery **UPDATED 3/25**

Barcade – Closed, but offering gift cards.  GoFundMe for staff **UPDATED 3.30**

Laicos – I think its closed.

Citi Grill – Pick up and delivery (201) 333-9800

O’Hara’s – Food and beer. Pick up and delivery. 25% off pick up orders.

Skinners Loft – Pick up with limited menu. 201.915.0600

Healey’s – Closed.

Carmine’s- Closed from 4/6 – 4/12 **UPDATED 4/6**

Latham House – Pick up and delivery.  Food, Mimosas, large batch cocktails, fucking brunch shit.  All the stuff. (201) 479-8432

Lucky 7’s – Closed, but online store with merch. GoFundMe for staff **UPDATED 3.31**

Bread and Salt – Pick up only, but may be closed intermittently. 201.500.7338

Hooked – Closed, but online store selling merch.

JSQ Lounge – Closed.

Fox and Crow – Contactless pickup, meal packs, giving shit away to people who need it. Staff GoFundMe.

Frankie – Delivery and pickup. Limited menu. Staff GoFundMe.

Razza – CLOSED **UPDATED 4/3**

Uncle Momo – Pick up and delivery.  Gift cards available. 201-360-3914

Luna – Delivery and pick up.

Short Grain – OPEN **UPDATED 4/31**

Stella’s – Pretty sure it’s open.

Helen’s – Pick up and delivery.

Jersey Social – Pick up and delivery.  Food and booze.

Orale & Dullboy – Pick up and delivery.  Booze kits and bottles. Gift cards and merch.

Tony Baloneys – Delivery deals if you order through their website. 201-275-0629

Taqueria – Pick up & delivery.

Greene Hook –   Closed, but GoFundMe for staff.

DomodomoCLOSED **UPDATED 4/6**

McGinley Sq Pub – Delivery and pick up.  Probably booze and beer. Online tip jar.

Tidal Poke – Pick up and delivery, discounted gift cards.

Pokay – Closed **UPDATED 4/6**

Pecoraro Antique Bakery –  Its open. Fresh baked bread, walk ins – no delivery.

Pasta Dal Cuore – Pick up and limited delivery. Fresh pasta and sauces. 201-332-8505

Van Hook – Online ordering. Curbside pick up.  The pickled brussels sprouts are really damn good.

Left Bank – Back open Thurs-Sun. Huge gift card deals, beer and wine deals, all for employee relief.  **UPDATED 4/3**

Delenio – Open for delivery and pick up.  Discounted online ordering. 201-798-9539

Rustique – Open for delivery and pick up.  Discounted online ordering. 

Abbey’s – Call for specials, pick up and delivery.  201-963-3334

Barge Inn – Closed.

Matthews –  Closed but selling gift cards, 50% of proceeds go to staff. Also GoFundMe for employees

Hollywood Fried Chicken – Open. Apocalypse proof. Assume this will be open well after the liquid magma core of this planet cools to stone.  

Koro Koro – Temporarily closed. **updated 4/17**

South House –  Closed but has gift cards and a GoFundMe for staff.

The Ashford – Delivery available

626 Lounge – Closed

Saigon Cafe – Delivery available 201 332 8711

The Archer – Closed. Staff GoFundMe

Porta – Closed.  GoFundMe for staff.  Merch and gift cards available.

Roman Nose – OPEN FRIDAY. Gift cards available.  **UPDATED 4.30**

Atlas House – Pick up and delivery.  

Ed & Mary’s – Open til 8 for take out. Gift cards for sale GoFundMe for staff.  **UPDATED 4/6**

Hamilton Pork – Pick up and delivery.  Also booze.

Rumba Cubana – Closed all locations.

Hamilton Inn – Pick up and delivery. (201) 839-5818 Gift cards available.

Lighthorse Tavern – Closed, but GoFundMe for staff

Amelia’s – Pickup and delivery. Booze, beer, wine. (201) 332-2200

La Cote – Pick up and delivery, but, ya know.

Satis – Closed

Zeppelin Hall – Closed

Bistro La Source – Pick up and delivery.  Beer and wine. 201-209-1717

Tacoria – Pick up and delivery

Diesel & Duke – Closed **UPDATED 4/3**

Taqueria Viva – Pick up and delivery

Taqueria Gloria – Delivery

Sol Azteca – Pick up and delivery. 201-332-3001

Taqueria Victoria – Delivery

Taqueria Marin – Pick up and delivery 201-656-7266

My Mexico -Delivery

Mi Mariachi – Pick up (201) 222-5439

Max’s – Pick up and delivery

Little Quiapo – Pick up and delivery. $20 minimum

Freetown Road Project – Delivery

Ozu Foods – Free delivery, minimum $15. Order here. TEMPORARILY CLOSED 4/6-4/14 **UPDATED 4/6**

The Franklin – Gift card deals, food deals, discounts when ordering directly from the restaurant. 201-653-4710

The Hutton – Delivery and pick up.  Food and booze. GoFundMe for staff. Gift cards available. 201.356.9169

Green Pear – Pick up and delivery. 201.968.7151

Rasoi – Pick up and delivery.  

Sapthagiri – Pick up and delivery

Korai Kitchen – CLOSED.  **UPDATED 3.30**

Honshu – Take out only.

Ibby’s – Pickup and delivery

Battello – Gift card deals

Treehouse – Cold brew, beans, alt-milk delivery.  Some merch available. Website.

Saku – Closed, but offering gift cards.  Staff GoFundMe.

Grand Vin – Closed, but offering gift cards.  Staff GoFundMe.

Kitchen Step – Closed, but offering gift cards.  Staff GoFundMe.

Cork City –  Open for pick up, growler fills

Union Hall- Pick up food and booze.  GoFundMe for employees.

Zack’s – Delivering food, beer, wine

2nd St. Bakery – Available for walk-in/pick up.  Thanks for sharing @robhisme

Rizzo’s Bakery & Pizzeria – Pick up and delivery. 201-653-7248. Thanks for sharing @tomammo

Ghost Truck Kitchen – Pick up and delivery.  Order here. Thanks for sharing @hellogtk

Gypsy Grill – Pick up and delivery. 201-839-5115. Thanks for sharing @cityheart

Nicole’s Caribbean – CLOSED **UPDATED 4/6**

Astor Bar – Food and booze.  Pick up and limited delivery. 201-333-9595 or 201-978-1279.  Thanks for sharing @kathleenfig

Jimmy Johns – Free delivery, 25% off donated catering orders, free kids lunch. 201-217-1880.  Thanks for sharing @joebokeninjc

Prato Bakery– Open for take out, closing early. Delivery available via apps.  Goes for both locations.  Thanks for sharing, Estrella!

Clove Garden of India – Pick up and delivery. (201) 533-8309.  Thanks for sharing, Estrella!

Ahri’s Kitchen – Definitely open for delivery and pick up. (201) 963-6056. Thanks for sharing, Lin! **UPDATED 3/25**

Plant Base – Vegan/vegetarian options. Pick up and delivery (anywhere).  Prepared foods, grocery/bulk food and personal/home care products. Gift cards available. Closed Tuesdays. Thanks for sharing, Andy!

Hudson Hall – Open for pick up and deliver, also $20 growler fills of everything on tap.  Thanks for sharing, @nikkilodo **UPDATED 3/25**

Cafe Madeline – Closed, but occasionally open before 1PM.  GoFundMe for staff. Thanks for sharing, @madame_meats **UPDATED 3/25**

Mezcal Kitchen – Open for pick up.  Order online and save 10%. Thanks for sharing, @bogglenscrabble **UPDATED 3/25**

Gino’s Pizza – Open for pickup and delivery. [201]-659-6464. Thanks for sharing, @lauobe **UPDATED 3/25**

Pizza Masters – Open for pickup and delivery.  Limited hours.  Renato’s is closed. Thanks for sharing, @lauobe  **UPDATED 3/25**

Cafe Esme – 9AM-2PM daily.  Meal plans, meal donations. Contactless pickup and delivery.  201-533-4440 **UPDATED 3/30**

Bobwhite Counter – Pick up and delivery.  Order online.  Quite possibly the worst fucking time to open a restaurant.  Or the best?  Who knows. **UPDATED 3/30**

Darke Pines – Opened for meat and sandwiches.  Ususally closed Mondays.  For the apocalyptic chicken hoarders, they have chicken.  For everyone else, theyre usually pretty stocked with merguez. **UPDATED 3/30**

Andrea’s Salumeria– Open for pick up.  Calling ahead is HIGHLY recommended. 201-653-1666 **UPDATED 3.30**

Falafel Station – Is open for pick up and delivery and is also “very good”.  Thanks for sharing @corgiblossom **UPDATED 3.31**

Otto Strada – Pick up and delivery (in Hoboken).  Free cake w orders over $50.  Also is “crazy good”.  Thanks for sharing @corgiblossom **UPDATED 3.31**

Coca Bakery – Open and has free cupcakes. 475 Central Ave Thanks for sharing @corgiblossom **UPDATED 3.31**

John’s & Mr. B’s Kitcher – Take out and deliver. 201-420-6661.  553 1/2 Newark Ave. Thanks for sharing, Anthony!  **UPDATED 4/3**


So this is what I got.  Again, please send any more info and I’ll post it on here.  Looking forward to laughing about all of this in a few months and lecturing all of you about the value of paying your employees a living wage instead of having your fucking diners subsidizing your workforce.



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5 thoughts on “COVID: JC Restaurant Edition

  1. Bobwhite Chicken Counter (second location of a popular place in Alphabet City) just opened in Paulus Hook last week.
    Probably the worst time ever to have a grand opening and also the worst time ever to have your slogan of, I shit you not, “Chicken and a Handshake” painted in giant font on your storefront.
    Amazing chicken sammiches, though. And it’s contactless. You can only order on their app and they hand you your bag through the door like a drug deal.


    1. I don’t know why this thing never lets me know when you comment. The sequel to Hot Zone might be set inside Bobwhite Counter. I’ll shake a hundred hands for good chicken tho.


    2. Hi , great article, and thank you, from a business owner. Can you please add Cocoa Bakery to your list 475 Central Avenue. We are open for take out and delivery through grub hub



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